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What we use in our rod build….

Revelation Blanks

RainShadow blanks are not just hollow pieces of composite; they are embraced with layers of technology that make them the best blanks on the market.  The high-tech components are incorporated into every RainShadow blank to bring you the best blank for your fishing experience.  Jaguar Design brings you the most advanced rod blanks for your dollar in the industry.  From proprietary NCT, giving more strength and durability, to our exclusive HDSC (High Density SC) technology, layering your rod blank for the maximum strength and flexibility. Trust that high performance and durability are at the forefront of all RainShadow blank designs.

RainShadow Blank RX7

A no-compromise graphite material consisting of intermediate modulus that is based on one of the finest carbon fibers Toray has ever produced.  RX7 is wildly popular and versatile as it hits a sweet spot of performance, power and value that will impress the most seasoned angler.

    • Bass – Casting
    • Bass – Spinning
    • Crankbait 
    • Flippin’ Stick
    • Multi-Purpose Swimbait
    • Inshore Popping

Reel Seats – ALPS & FORECAST

It’s no secret the finest nylon reel seats in the world are produced by ALPS.  Imitations abound, but none compare to the impeccable quality put forth by ALPS.  Produced on state-of-the-art multi -axis CNC equipment and wire EDM equipment from the finest aluminum and metal substrates known to man.  ALPS Reel Seats SIMPLY EXUDE QUALITY.

  • ALPS Spin Graphite Reel Seat – ALPS spin reel seats are a classic favorite amongst rod manufacturers and rod builders alike.  This tried and true spin reel seat shares the same track record as the trigger casting reel seats.  The inside of the barrel is ribbed for better adhesion.  They feature glass-filled nylon and constructed for strength and longevity.  These are one of the best value real seats that will meet the tough demands of the everyday fisherman.
  • FORECAST Casting Blank Exposed Graphite Reel Seat – ForeCast Trigger casting reel seats are time tested, workhorse models.  You won’t find a reel seat with a better track record than the ForeCast Trigger casting reel seats.  For years the have been the go to casting reel seat for custom rod builders and rod manufacturers alike.  They are dependable and durable featuring graphite filled nylon construction.  

Cork Grip Handles

Custom built solid cork handles made from select cork and burl cork rings.  Offered in a split grip design or full handle.  Other custom lengths are offered on special orders.  

WINN Grip Handles

Performance – Provides tacky, non-slip performance in all weather conditions including rain, snow and sub-freezing temperatures!

Comfort – Provides all-day comfort with varied textures providing support and grip comfort where they are needed most!

Control – Provides the angler with supreme control, longer, more accurate casting & better control when fighting big fish!

Colors – Variety of colors

Guides (Spinning, Baitcaster, Spiral Wrap) – ASTM B117 Corrosion Testing –  ASTM B117 is an American standard that provides a controlled accelerated corrosive  environment to evaluate the coatings or substrates corrosive resistance.  Any product / material that is exposed to the elements must be able to withstand corrosion.  ASTM B117 or salt spray test takes these products / materials and exposes them to controlled conditions to measure these corrosive properties.  It is commonly used by the military and other industries to test saltwater corrosion resistance.

  • ALPS SS316 – has been testes corrosion free for 1200 straight hours. That is 50 days without corrosion. That’s 150, 8 hour fishing day.  The test was suspended at that point.  This is remarkable performance.  ALPS was the first user of SS316 for guides in the industry.
  • Key Guide Features
    • All ALPS guides 


  • Powers
    • Ultra Light
    • Light
    • Medium Light
    • Medium
    • Medium Heavy
    • Heavy
    • Extra Heavy
    • Extra Extra Heavy
    • 3 Extra Heavy
    • 4 Extra Heavy
  • Actions (Backbone / Tip Flex)
    • Extra Fast (XF or 80/20)
    • Fast (F or 70/30)
    • Medium Fast (Med-F or 65/35)
    • Moderate Fast (Mod-F or 60/40)
    • Moderate (M or 50/50)
    • Slow (S or 30-40/70-80)
  • Grips
    • Cork
      • Red
      • Brown
      • Green
      • Blue
    • EVA Foam
    • WINN Grips
      • Black
      • Charcoal
      • Orange
      • Burnt Orange
      • Crimson
      • Purple
      • Blue
      • Pink
      • Red
      • Lime Green
  • Thread Wraps
    • Black
    • Red
    • Green
    • Blue
    • Orange
    • Lime
    • Pink
    • Purple
  • Accessories
    • Alps Drop Shot Hook keeper
    • Decals
    • Personalization such as names, personal messages, etc.