At KipperSticks, our goal is to provide the avid angler with the best rod at an affordable price plus experiencing the most sensitive rod in your arsenal.

Being anglers ourselves, we understand the necessity of using a high quality fishing rod to produce the most incomparable angling experience.  We have a reputation for the highest attribute of craftsmanship and superior service.

KipperSticks Custom Rods are unique, giving you the ability to achieve a rod that fits a specific application and individually designed to meet all your angling needs.  We can design your rod for live or artificial bait and best of all, it is hand-crafted in the USA.

Each KipperStick rod has the spline properly aligned in each one that is built so you can enjoy all the action available to your Custom Rod.  It will be unlike any rod you have ever used before, ensuring maximum performance.  In addition, each rod is perfectly weighted and balanced for excellent fishing performance.

The blanks that are used in each rod is a Rainshadow (RX7).  All Rainshadow blanks are carefully designed and tested by one of the most experienced group of anglers and designers in the fishing industry.  The blanks offer cutting edge technology and performance for the ultimate fishing experience.  The components we use in each of our KipperSticks are made of the finest quality materials.

The handle is made from select cork and burl cork which is hand-crafted in providing you with a grip that is comfortable and provides hours of casting.  We offer a full length or split grip handle and can be special ordered in any length. We also offer Winn Grips in a variety of colors.  

Ordering is easy. Complete our Contact Form and we will give you a call or give us a call with your order.  540-649-2393.